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The novel affirms that disappointment, failure, and loss are constants in human existence; that an inability to adapt to expected norms will ultimately lead to conflict; and that order within a disordered society must originate within the self.

Steve is often referred to as a rabbit; Motorcycle Boy as a panther. The editing consists of shot reverse shot between the three characters, with distinct close-ups that show detailed facial expressions. Boundaries exist that Rusty-James cannot cross, and his increasing alienation from his environment leads to a greater loss of hope.

Rumble Fish Critical Evaluation - Essay

The difference between Steve and Rusty-James is a difference in attitude. The tracking does not add much to the scene however keeping both brothers together is important because it allows the viewer to see the facial expressions of both men.

In the pet store, the rumble fish are separated, one fish to a bowl. Ironically, when Steve sees Rusty-James in California, he continually refers to the similarity between Rusty-James and the Motorcycle Boy, but, even though Rusty-James has always wanted to be just like the Motorcycle Boy, the similarity does not represent any achievement; on the contrary, it seems to suggest certain doom.

Critical reaction to Rumble Fish has been mixed.

Rumble Fish

The director Francis Ford Coppola demonstrates how metaphors are able to help decipher a deeper meaning of the film. If two fish are put in the same bowl, they will fight to the death. Hinton offers even her youngest readers an insightful study of the dynamics of social conflict. When Hinton first attempted to convert the short story into a novel, she struggled with the decision of which character to use as her narrator.

This is the scene that will be examined of when Rusty James is in the pet store with his brother and they are looking at the fish.

Hinton uses animal imagery to further identify her characters. She wrote a draft using Steve Hays as her narrator, but did not like the completed manuscript.

Rumble Fish Critical Essays

In both cases, Hinton sets the reader up to accept that these characters were doomed from the start. Others like Rusty-James for the same reasons other reviewers do not. Fate has played a cruel joke on Motorcycle Boy, and on the rumble fish.

However, Motorcycle Boy calls Rusty-James a chameleon. This scene contains the natural lighting that most of the other scenes have. Throughout the film he ask Rusty James why he is following him. Hinton had cut out a photograph of a boy and a motorcycle in a magazine, and kept the picture.

The Motorcycle Boy knows that his brother is somewhat trapped in the city and someone needs to get him out or set him free.Rumble Fish was originally published in October,as a short story in Nimrod, a literary supplement to the University of Tulsa Magazine.

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Hinton's Rumble Fish - Critical Essays. Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton Rumble Fish, by S.E. Hinton is the sequel to The Outsiders.

The characters names are different, but it is still taken place in the same time period. In the story Rumble Fish, Rusty James is a greaser who has a lot of fights in and out of school/5(3).

5 paragraph essay on rumble fish
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