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Yet we should not ignore some of the benefits provided by this system such as social mobility and specialization, as noted by Weber. Academic librarian Laura Cohen entry posted June 27, on Library 2. Throughout his paper on Scientific Management Taylor repeatedly noted the importance of management working closely with the employee.

Bureaucracy certainly has a negative connotation today. Appointments are made according to specialized qualifications rather than ability criteria. Everyone is circumscribed to perform duties on the basis of his or her own field of expertise.

Employee performance is evaluated and issues are resolved in as objective manner as possible. Bureaucratic form of management is based on the use a set of rather rigid rules.

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If hierarchy was central to traditional organisation, the lack of hierarchy is central to innovative organisation. Speaking to the patron as an individual makes them feel valued and that you are not just "passing the buck" to another agency or library.

Bureaucratic Management

All the other characteristics of bureaucracy, such as division of labour and hierarchy, are meant to promote the element of rationality within the mechanisms and dynamics of the organisation. Bureaucratic Approach Management Theory Essay: But human psychology is changing.

Perception of bureaucracy has a number of drawbacks and has been concern to cruel condemnation. This creates a lot of problems on the way, because of the time consuming and complicated way of handling the communications Richard, pp Though vertical and rigid bureaucratic structure is dismissed as a viable basis for an increasing number of vast thriving multinationals of today which put a special premium on innovation and change or adapting to change, it had indeed been adopted widely in the commercial and industrial sector until the recent decades.

Most work will be horizontal knowledge work performed by multidisciplinary teams. For at the end of her posting,she notes that one must find a way to actually navigate this situation in order to accomplish something 4 Continuing on this idea of working in a bureaucracy Ezra Suleiman,although speaking about political bureaucracies,states that in regard to the worker in the bureaucracy;"Bucking the chain of command to get the job done is a central myth of American popular culture" To work in a library beyond the position of page or check-out clerk usually requires the possession of a Master of Library science degree.

Hierarchy is also based on a sharp distinction between the management and the workers. When an employee joins these services, virtually a permanent employee contract is being made. Bureaucracy is past-oriented in many ways, and innovation is thoroughly future-oriented.

As the Industrial Revolution got underway in the United States this form was ideally suited to the situational constraints of the era Banner He is today considered as one of the pioneering sociologists, and his study of bureaucracy forms part of a much wider framework of social theory that concerns general social and economic issues facing society.

According to Weber, Bureaucratic organisation is to Weber the privileged instrumentality that has shaped the modern polities, the modern economy, and the modern technology. Taylor writes about the role of management and employee: By following such a plan, Taylor believes that the result will be greater wealth for the employee and the employer Though bureaucratic management has been much maligned, and for good reasons, the fact is that many successful organisations have been successful over generations very much under tight bureaucratic patterns of organisation and control Pinchot, Pinchot, Scientific management of library operations.

This is merely another way of looking at the hierarchical nature of bureaucracy. Over a thousand years ago, the Chinese had in place an elaborate centralised bureaucratic structure to manage the affairs of the state.


By its very nature, bureaucracy is a structure defined by chains of dominance and submission Pinchot, Pinchot, This statement is similar to the philosophy of Scientific Management espoused by Taylor.

This requirement can now be seen in the age of computers. Is Weber Still Relevant? How to actually work in a bureaucracy? The worker is taught by a teacher because it is impossible for the employee to do his or her job and record and develop the laws which surround his or her particular work Taylor He was a German social historian whose works began to be widely recognised only from the mid-twentieth century, when they were translated into English.

Project managers and network managers will replace most of the middle managers and functional staff in the traditional bureaucratic-style organisation.

There is a clear hierarchical order involved, an unambiguous division of labor, and a detailed system of procedures of transaction.

Firms will not survive in the long run unless they are proficient at exploring new technologies, and they will not survive in the short run unless they are proficient at exploiting existing technologies. They did not attract potential employees by offering a promise of adventure, excitement and rapid rise as many modern-day software companies are prone to do, for instance.Frederik Taylor and Scientific Management Essay - Mechanistic and bureaucratic organizations are known to have a well-structured hierarchy to achieve the most efficient and effective operation, the specialization of task, and repetition of procedures.

Bureaucratic Management Essay Sample Bureaucratic management, one of the schools of classical management, emphasizes the need for organizations to function on a rational basis. Weber ( − ), a contemporary of Fayol, was one of the major contributors to this school of thought.

Bureaucracy Theory of Management Essay Sample. Introduction. Through the s a lot of work on management has been presented to the world.

The work of writers in management can be categorised in four main approaches: classical, human relations, systems and contingency. Nov 03,  · Scientific management and bureaucratic theory Continue Reading The Ideas of the Classical Theorists, Particularly Those of Bureaucracy and Scientific Management, Are Generally Considered as Rather Old Fashion and Out of Date, and of Little Relevance to Work and Organization Today.

Bureaucracy Theory of Management Essay Sample

The bureaucratic management structure emerged in the most distant past of human history, from the time a higher social order emerged among clusters of people, and is still the most widely prevalent form of management, though there is a pronounced tendency to loosen its seemingly rigid grip.

Image courtesy of Morguefile. In this essay I analyzed Max Weber's theory about bureaucracy as applied to the library. I was informed by Professor Velasquez that the library is run as a bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy and scientific management essay
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