Cross cultural funeral service rituals essay

The few cremations that are requested by African-Americans of Caribbean descent take place only after the same traditional viewing and funeral service. If the Deceased left a will with instructions about burial and funeral arrangements, most of the decisions are already made.

Reverence for the dead from one generation to another is held in very high esteem. Within a culture, there are many subcultures possessing unique traits that set them apart from each other.

Latin American Funerals In Cross cultural funeral service rituals essay, Latin Americans hold wakes for a minimum of two days for twenty-four hour spanswith an open casket for viewing, a full Catholic funeral Mass and burial in a Catholic cemetery.

The following are ones I found particularly noteworthy: The gun salute is reserved for a president, ex-president or foreign head of state.

Cross-Cultural Beliefs, Ceremonies, and Rituals Surrounding Death of a Loved One

There has been a rise in cremations, however, not as a result of a declining economy but because of the desire of the deceased to have the cremains spread in the land of their birth or with their ancestors. Typically the funeral ends when words are said at the burial site and the cemetery personnel wait until after the mourners leave to complete the burial.

Modest clothing is usually a must; those who attend in provocative clothing are sometimes said to be insulting the Deceased or their family by drawing attention to themselves. Funeral rites of the Caribbean tend to be elaborate, steeped in religious ceremony usually Protestantand grounded by cultural heritage.

Muslim Funerals In African funerals, the members prefer the services to be directed by men, as is also prevalent in Muslim funeral rites.

Cross-Cultural Funeral Service Rituals

This should not be considered an absolute guide; it is best to consult with the leader of a culture or religion to know exactly what traditions to follow.

For the customs of each individual tribe, talk with tribal leaders, check your local library or search the Internet for tribe-specific information.

The naked body is flanked by men on the right side of the yurt while women are placed on the left. The tradition usually calls for an open casket, with the Deceased dressed in their best clothing, though this is not always the case. Finally, it is also unusual for the family or mourners to actually see the casket being lowered into the grave.

As you read, please note that this guide focuses primarily on traditions that take place in the United States.

Participation by mourners and family in the funeral is typically minimal or nonexistent. This niche market is still rather small, so it might take some research in order to find a cemetery or funeral home to accommodate the request.

This trend has been changing over time, and more American funerals are incorporating audience participation. One custom that does differ in the Latin American culture, as compared to other cultures, is the use of photography of the deceased during parts of the funeral rite. Often entire families have migrated to America, bringing funeral rituals which are firmly entrenched in the roots of their Asian culture.

Make That Sesame on Rice, Please! The Southern African-American appears to make a statement about the life of the deceased with the items she or he chooses to display in the casket.

Some religious traditions have been practicing "green" funeral arrangements for decades when they forgo embalming and opt for simple wood containers. Specific questions about military funeral customs in the United States should be directed to a local Veterans Affairs office, your casualty assistance officer, or the military cemetery where the funeral will take place.

Cross Cultural Burial Rituals

Non-traditional funerals are being planned and held more frequently across the country.Guide to cross-cultural funerals with a discussion of African American and Muslim funerals by LaVone V.

Hazell. Login to your funeral plan(s) Toggle navigation Menu. Home. Search. Funeral Planning. How to Plan a Funeral; How to Make Arrangements. Cross-Cultural Funeral Service Rituals. Home» Cross-Cultural Beliefs, Ceremonies, and Rituals The article discusses the trends in traditional funeral customs in American culture in the U.S.

Topics discussed includes the understanding of funeral professional's work, issues in the funeral home firms and the improvements of funeral services in the country. Other topics includes. 5 thoughts on “Cross Cultural Burial Rituals” Crystal said: November 29, at pm.

As for leaving your dead up high on a platform to be eaten and dry out these may be some reasons: Imagine that you are living in an area where you are unprotected by today’s modern buildings or walls.

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funeral customs by religion; funeral service etiquette; funeral flowers meaning; Below is a guide to honoring the customs and traditions according to religious or cultural belief at a viewing or wake, funeral, cremation, or graveside service.

A simple bouquet given to the bereaved or a tribute in the shape of a cross or a personalized. > Funeral Services > Cultural Aspects of Funerals; There are hundreds of American Indian tribes in the United States and each tribe has their own variations regarding funeral customs.

A larger cultural viewpoint is covered in this brief section, but it should in no way be considered a comprehensive source of American Indian funeral customs. Secular Funerals and Rituals Are Becoming More Common.

3 Responses to Secular Funerals and Rituals Are Becoming More Common. A. Terungwa says: June 22, at pm It usually happens later than a funeral service — weeks to months — often determined by when most of the family/friends can attend.

Cross cultural funeral service rituals essay
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