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Sometimes, exposure to drugs in the family or the locality or the school makes one a drug addicts. They should be made Drug tolerance essay of the vices of addiction. Drug tolerance essay releases the mental balance and puts the inner conscience to sleep so that the individual loses the control over his thought and action.

A drug addict becomes a drug dependent. Family problem has also been attributed to some extent to this problem, particularly in case of tragedy or separation from one or both parents. There is a strong nexus between drug and torn family life.

Usually, children of a drunkard also become a drug addict. Hence, an awareness campaign can serve the purpose. Thus, addiction and myths of stress relief associated with it makes a vicious cycle. The person reaches such a physiological state which necessitates the continued use of drug to prevent withdrawals.

This again aggravates the problem. He cannot live Drug tolerance essay drugs. There are varieties of drugs available today, which include narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens and cannabis, in other words, opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, bhang, hashish, LSD, mescaline, khat, codeine are different forms of drugs.

Besides, alcohol taken by pregnant women may cause health problem to babies. In other words, the growing urge results in increase of doses. Gene structure of a particular person makes him vulnerable for certain kind of addiction. They need to be taught to develop a useful and constructive work-oriented daily routine in which they do manage some time for social activities.

When they are mature, they can understand everything, but are already caught in its vicious trap. When the ordinary social fabric is disrupted by several socio-economic factors such as poverty, unemployment, migration, etc.

Their innocent immature mind is unable to get its negative impact on them. Peer pressure further accentuates the problem. When a person during his early adulthood and adolescence is in the look for his self identity, he begins to take drugs under peer pressure.

The early exposure to drugs immensely contributes to make them drug addicts. But the drugs which have a high physical dependence are more dangerous for the health in comparison to others. It implies physical, psychological and psychic dependence on the tolerance of a drug with a tendency to take more and more drugs.

This is because a person faced with such situation chooses drug for its euphoric or mind-altering effect to escape from the immediate situation.

It, as a result, worsens giving way to further use of drugs to escape the problem which is already mounted. Significantly, women are more prone to liver related disease than men. Besides, a number of symptoms such as increased pulse rate, blood pressure, loss of appetite, insomnia, micro-vascular damage, severe weight loss, psychosis, violent behaviour, poor comprehension and memory, narrow range of attention, irritability, nausea, drowsiness, respiratory depression, impaired health, poor perception of time and distance, decreased interest in achievement-oriented action are associated with it.

It has been generally seen that youth is the most vulnerable lot of drug dependence. It is kind of disease which is curable with the help of proper treatment. It affects the brain cells irrevocably and often leads to nerve damage.

Long-term alcohol abuse has varied affects on human body. Besides, our educational curriculum should be so designed that value-based moral education is made a part of it. The most common effects of alcohol are misjudgment and disinhibition.

This carefree feeling makes the drinker prone to violence, accidents and crimes.Drugs: Mind Alternating Substance Essay - Drugs: Mind Alternating Substances Drug abuse is on the rise and many people throughout the world have some sort of addiction to some illicit drug.

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It implies physical, psychological and psychic dependence on the tolerance of a drug with a tendency to take more and more drugs.

The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction

The World Health Organisation has defined drug abuse as a state of periodic, chronic intoxication, detrimental to the individual and to the society, produced by repeated consumption of drugs either natural or synthetic. Drug Tolerance Assignments are our specialty.

The following sample assignment is just one of the many that our affordable custom-essay writers have written in. Tolerance occurs when the person no longer responds to the drug in the way that person initially responded.

Stated another way, it takes a higher dose of the drug to. Conditioning of Drug Tolerance and Drug Addiction Research on the contextual conditioning of drug tolerance shows it is an important factor in understanding drug addiction in humans.

1299 Words Essay on Drug Addiction

Context is a way of noting that the likelihood of a behavior or response depends on certain conditions.

Drug tolerance essay
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