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There is nothing better that cleanses the outdoor environment than Mother Nature itself. While you may save a few dollars upfront buying a Eco quest, you will lose much more in the long run having to purchase new machines over and over again.

How does your trade-in program work? Is the warranty transferable? Can I trade more than 1? It has two filters for the protection of the machine itself and stainless steel parts, which make the unit Eco quest lasting. Which air purifier should I use for the basement? These machines are currently NOT sold in stores, which translates into much lower prices for you!

This includes dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other domesticated animals. If you prefer to make small payments over time, then simply use your credit card to pay for the machine in full, and then repay your CC on your terms with as little minimum payment or as much as you like monthly until the balance is repaid.

Click here to learn more about our new models.

EcoQuest Fresh Air Owner's Manual

Parts for new air purifiers are also listed on that same page. Eco quest old Breeze AT air purifier was an electronic predecessor to the Fresh Air purifier, and was the first electronic living air purifier made.

If you have further questions about our newest technology, review more information here in FAQ and you can also see the specs of each machine individually to compare the units.

Click here to read it. Technologically, all imitation units are inferior to authentic Alpine air machines. Please note we are NOT affiliated with any other web site claiming to sell Alpine air purifiers.

Can you help me compare your air purifiers with imitation units sold on all other web sites? Do I have to pay duty fees for import into Canada?

Are these the real Alpine air purifiers? You can now order parts and accessories on our parts page and more air purifiers on buy now page.

Air filters are designed to treat Eco quest of air pollution and NOT the problem itself. If someone else has asked you to get brochures for them, simply email them a link to our web site and have them review complete info online on our web site.

The only exception is, if you need to really sanitize a particular area of your home or office for example, to reduce mold or mildew, or very Eco quest particulate contamination in the air. Is there a local rep in my area?

Meaning, your total price includes just the cost of the air purifier itself and nothing else. Air purifier models Alpine Pass LA v2. Choose any air purifier and pay just HALF now, which will set a machine aside in your name at our currently low sale price for the unit locked in.

Are all of your Alpine Air Living products brand new? Negative ionization including radio-wave antenna and needlepoint double prongs is independent and is easily controlled by the user with a single button.

Please visit our trade-in program page to learn about our EXCLUSIVE Trade-in program, and note that only 1 old air purifier any make, model or brand can be used towards the trade for any 1 new machine 1-for-1 exchange.

If you are the user of our older technology, then you already know you can trust these reputable machines and you can also expect even better performance from these newest machines!

Does the Single Room LA air purifier produce ozone with ozone plates like the other models or does it only rely on the UV bulb for sanitizing? However, if you want to order only one air purifier and especially if there is a noticeable problem you want to address in a single room, then we would recommend the next model up Alpine Pass LA v2.

For example, if your house is 5, sq. We see units that are over 20 years old and run fine side by side with units that are 5 years old and no longer work.

I am concerned about long-term exposure to high concentrations of ozone. Fresh Air LA v2. In addition, we cover sales tax and also pay for shipping within USA and Canada, and user has full 30 days to evaluate and test out our new machine.

In fact, two Fresh Air purifiers will be much more effective together than a single LA unit, and this is what we would recommend for effective air pollution control in a severely polluted commercial establishment.View and Download EcoQuest Fresh Air owner's manual online.

Fresh Air Air Cleaner pdf manual download. "I absolutely love it!" I enjoyed my alpine living air purifier for years. This was from the older series, the ecoquest air purifier. I used successfully this ecoquest fresh air purifier to remove smoke and dog smell from my home.

The reason why I purchased the LA is my father in law is a chain smoker & I found it very difficult to breathe in the house. I looked around at all the other smoke free filters out there & the price was double even triple the price of Alpine.

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Living Air and Living Water purifiers by Alpine, Ecoquest, decisions for house and good health, for commercial. Also all quality parts for all models purifiers.

Eco quest
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