Essay on promoting good governance in india

The need is to prepare the young blood with such kind of education that would help them to acquire vocational skills that accelerate them towards various employment opportunities and also enable them to be self employed.

Access to cheap and quick justice be made possible for everyone. In addition to this, lack of family planning and implementation of population control policies are responsible for increasing population. These conditions have again and again provided army a rationale to topple the civilian government.

Most of them are least interested in what goes on in the state and society and society and are only involved in their own daily routine activities. Poor law and order conditions have kept the investors away from our country. In addition to this, the rampant corruption is further rotting them.

Legislation be enacted to improve accountability. Grievances of the provinces be redressed on priority basis. All these and competent election management show that we have an impressive administrative infrastructure and it responds well when objectives are clearly defined, resources are made available and accountability is surely enforced.

Without good governance, no amount of developmental schemes can bring in improvement in the quality of life of the citizens. As a matter of fact, poverty has not been diminished from the best developed countries of the world such as United States of America and Europe.

What is needed is the proper implementation of policies. Transparency International TI has ranked Pakistan 34th most corrupt nation in the world. There is a need to restructure our political and governance institutions and rejuvenate our Republic.

Good Governance In India

As a matter of fact, poverty has not been diminished from the best developed countries of the world such as United States of America and Europe.

But it cannot be achieved in a wink of an eye. It is one of the actors of governance and takes decisions at local and national level and implements those decisions for human welfare.

It has also crippled our industrial sector. Water shortage has badly affected our agricultural sector and also given birth to every crisis. On the contrary, if the power of the state is abused, or exercised weak or improper ways, those with the least power in the society - the poor- are most likely to suffer that sense, poor governance generates and reinforces poverty and subverts efforts to reduce Strengthening governance is an essential precondition to improving the lives of the poor.

Corruption is all-pervasive, eating into the vitals of our system, undermining economic growth, distorting competition, and disproportionately hurting the poor and marginalized citizens. Good governance is a tool of development which helps a nation to become a developed nation where everybody can get equal opportunities to prosper in life.

In the absence of accountability, corruption has become rampant in our society.

Essay on Challenges to governance and administration (India)

Only a part of the amount of budget is spent on public projects. From the above discussion it has been cleared that the ideal of good governance is difficult to achieve in its totality.

As we all know that foreign investors are often discouraged by officials who demand bribes to permit foreign investment in vital sectors where foreign investments needed.

Essay on “Good Governance” (India)

It would be greatly helpful in reducing debt burden from our country. Illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, energy crisis, water and food shortage are weakening our country at its roots.

Justice delayed is justice denied, which directly contributes to powerlessness of the poor. The newly-born country inherited multiplicity of problems.

The bureaucracy is generally seen to be tardy, inefficient, and unresponsive. Agricultural and industrial sectors must be revolutionized to attract investment and boost the economy. No one considers himself above law. Our youth van play a very vital role in this regard.

There is a great economic disparity. The vulnerable conditions of working of many government institutions due to irregularities; unaccountability and non-transparent system will also be eradicated.

Poverty and unemployment are the two major barriers in the path of progress which can be eradicated by proper implementation of policies formed by the government.

In this way good governance helps to reap the fruits of globalization.May 18,  · dear members kindly check my essay and help me improve my writing. Good Governance OUTLINE: Introduction Good Governance Defined Essentials Of Good Governance • Equal. Challenge of Good Governance in India: Need for Innovative Approaches by Balmiki Prasad Singh * Abstract This paper makes an effort to provide a framework for good governance in India by identifying its essential features and shortcomings in its working and emphasizes need for innovative approaches.

Good Governance: A Study of the Concept in Indian Context Dr. Dinesh Arora efficiency, legitimacy, and consensus for the purpose of promoting the rights of individual citizens and the public interest, thus indicating the existence of political will Good Governance and India The idea of Good Governance is as old as Indian civilization.

With the Indian economy's growth story making headlines, the country has awakened to the need of the hour on its path to development. The insistence of international institutions like the World Bank that developing countries comply with the principles of good governance has only worked to India's advantage.

Essay on “Good Governance” (India) Article shared by As the term suggests, good governance means governing the people in a way that the interests of the people of all sections are preserved rightfully. It promotes security of life and property, access to justice and rule of law.

Good Governance will be a key requisite for the next generation reforms.

Essay writing --Good Governance - Tool for development

The upward movement in the GDP growth rate of 10% to 14% can be .

Essay on promoting good governance in india
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