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Physical appearance is just a superficial thing and one can not have happiness based only on this characteristic. This narrative poem is penned down in free verse having four stanzas.

Barbie Doll is a powerful poem. The Barbie Doll has been a cultural icon since it was created ina little over 10 years before this poem was published. She uses this word choice to explain the innocence of a baby girl.

Here, Piercy moves beyond a description of physical beauty but one of social expectations of femininity. Piercy explains the meaning of inner beauty by presenting this poem with use of powerful imagery, careful word choice and a tone of sadness and depression. Rather one should always be happy with the way they are, be confident with themselves and should not try to become a superficial Barbie Doll.

It makes us realize that every girl in some point of her time in life was made to feel unaccepted of imperfect. Piercy uses blend of different tones including flat, neutral, sarcastic, sad, depression, struggle and death.

Barbie Doll - Poem by Marge Piercy

The sardonic tone that Piercy uses is most blatant in the final two stanzas. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised English Literature work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Because of this, she aims to meet all of these expectations, but cannot sustain them. These words further explain that young girls are looked more physically than everything else. Because of these sexist and patriarchal influences, she was never completely satisfied with herself. Society always have control over individuals, especially young girls on how to behave, dress and eat.

She is made to appear like someone she was not in her real life. Here, the allusion is the Barbie Doll which is an object of admiration among all generation of young girls.

Barbie Doll Analysis

Society had finally made her who it wanted her to be, but at the cost of her life. Conclusion[ edit ] The girl in the poem was born in innocence, but because of the society she was born and raised in to, she became corrupted.

The girl has been transformed into the image she could not attain in life and could only do so in death. It also thereby reveals the very misplaced qualities that society holds with regards to women.Barbie Doll Marge Piercy The title of this poem immediately underscores its thematic concerns.

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‘Barbie’ is not just a toy for girls but has become a cultural icon of developed America. Contemporary poet Marge Piercy published a twenty-five line, open-form narrative poem titled “Barbie Doll.” Four stanzas provide the reader with a brief tale of a nameless “girlchild.

In the poem Barbie Doll, the author Marge Piercy suggests that an American Barbie Doll typically presents herself as being the "perfect" woman and this leads to people being jeered at for their appearance and expected to have a Barbie-doll-like figure.

Marge Piercy has written 17 novels including The New York Times Bestseller Gone To Soldiers; the National Bestsellers Braided Lives and The Longings of Women; the classics Woman on the Edge of Time and He, She and It; and most recently Sex Wars.

Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy is a poem that that highlights these social roles in comparison to a doll. The first thing that comes to mind after reading the title is a Barbie doll. A Barbie doll: unrealistic perfection of hair, body, belongings, and lifestyles.

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Marge piercy barbie doll essay help
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