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These primarily relate to the design of the operations system. To increase the extent of flexibility: Continuous modification of production model Steps in Developing New Products 1.

Low cost per unit, requires mostly lowskilled workers. Cost Objectives To minimize the cost related to labor, material, facilities, etc.

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Disadvantages Slow, requires Operation management notes workers, few economies of scale, high cost, and low standardization. Flexibility, variety, high quality of goods. Continuous Modification of Production Model — Production designs are continuously modified to: Automobiles and their components, electronics, logistics services, industrial equipment, batteries, furniture.

Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies — Determine the advisability of establishing a project for developing the product — If initial feasibility studies are favorable, engineers prepare an initial prototype design 2. The output which may be in the form of product or service should satisfy the customers and then only it is liked and accepted by them.

Design of production model 6. Capitalizes on division of labour, specialized equipment, and interchangeable parts. Process modification and enhancement 4.

Fewer mass production buffers such as extra workers, inventory, or time. A process to generate concepts, designs, and plans for services and goods that an organization can provide to its customer.

High volume of standardized output, emphasis on volume. Product development Growth Phase - Product design begins to stabilize - Effective forecasting of capacity becomes necessary - Adding or enhancing capacity may be necessary 3. Effort being put into it - productivity is a broader concept that pertains to better use of overall resources Efficiency: Uniformity of output 5.

Advantages Wide range of choice, output tailored to customer needs.Operations management, with its widened scope, is responsible for the management of productive systems, that is, it is responsible for systems which either create goods or private service or both.

The operations management personnel have the ultimate responsibility for the creating of goods or services. j.

Assemble and glue the separate pieces constituting the can. k. Fill the cans with salt. l. Load the filled cans onto pallets and store them in inventory.

2. Quality is checked during different stages of the production process%(3). Learn study notes chapter 1 operations management with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of study notes chapter 1 operations management flashcards on Quizlet.

Operation management-notes 1. Operation Management Unit-I Production is the process by which raw materials and other inputs are converted into finished products.

Production management refers to the application of management principles. week chapter operation management september 03, operations management management process by which objectives are achieved through the use of resources.

Operations management is responsible for managing that core.

Hence, oper ations manage- ment is the management of systems or .

Operation management notes
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