Prospects and problems of snails production

In Bangladesh, ships containing these materials are being cut up by hand, on open beaches, with no consideration given to safe and environmentally friendly waste management practices. At the level of our technological advancement, natural lightening is mostly employed.

Its common names are Awolowo, independence weed or siam weed Okon and Amalu, Such problem occur as a result of over crowding, pseudomonas acruginosa causes intestinal infections that can spread rapidly in over crowded pens farm. Is eating snail nutritious?

Together, with better regulation shipbreaking can also bring social and environmental benefits. Some snails hold eggs inside for longer than usual so the eggs can be more developed but in the majority of cases, great conditions in captivity mean they can lay as soon as they are formed.

As the name implies, the system requires a high capital investment with modification of the environment to stimulate what happens naturally during the park period to ensure optimum reproduction and growth. It is used as a livestock feed because of its high protein content and less anti-nutritional factor Iwu, and Phan et al.

It becomes necessary that soil farm be properly analyzed before use in snail activities and development.

Snails are surprisingly nutritious. It is, therefore, recommended that Government should take more than a cursory interest in snail farming by encouraging investors through progression of an enabling environmental, financial and technical support.

This does mean however, that the owners have more power and control over the amount of steel that is sold and the price it is sold at. The process of taking a ship apart; term preferred by the shipping industry. To this toll must be added thousands of cases of irreversible disease which have occurred and will occur in future due to Prospects and problems of snails production toxic materials that are handled and inhaled without minimum precautions or protective cares.

Bender reported that the amino acids in the protein of snail would complement the cereal source of protein by making good of their relative deficiency of lysine. The housing for raising snails varies with purpose. Snail farming can be indoor or outdoor provided environmental conditions necessary for survival following environmental factors are ideal.

Waste yield, Proximate and mineral Composition of three different types of land snail found in Nigeria. Snail farms can be indoors or outdoors provided environmental conditions necessary for survival prevails for optimum production of snail the following environmental factors are ideal.

Most of these materials have been defined as hazardous waste under the Basel Convention. More often than not snails will lay against the bottom or side of a tank so they are easy to spot. He concluded that the values obtained for both mineral and amino —acid availability could be attributed to the presence of anti nutrient factors, especially of tannins since they occur in high concentration in plant materials and are associated with toxicity and poor growth rate and depressed dietary nutrient utilization in livestock animals.

The work force in each country varies with the volume of ship breaking but may range from 8,—22, workers in the ship recycling yards toin the supply chain, shops, and re-rolling mills—with dependents in extended families estimated to reach overin Bangladesh.

The paper emphasized that snail farming is a veritable means of complementing the carbohydrate meals of the totality of Nigeria as well as a means of generating income and to achieving self sufficiency as it provides self employment to the people.

Control is not difficult in semi intensive and intensive systems. Tankers additionally hold up to 1, cubic meters of residual oil. Generally, an eyewash test is carried out to certify that a ship is free from dangerous chemical and fumes.

Temperature and humidity 80 hand in hand and are very critical in the survival of snails. He reported on the amino acid composition and availability of these leaf meals Table 2. These three countries account for 70—80 percent of the international market for ship breaking of ocean-going vessels, with China and Turkey accounting for most of the rest.

Mulberry leaves should be the preferred feed for guinea pigs, rabbits, and perhaps snails, Oviedo et al. The sooner the better because they develop quite quickly, particularly if the snail has retained them for longer than usual. Sometimes spilling may cause wide spread mortality amongst the population of fish, mammals, worms, crabs, mollusks and other water organisms.

Native snail eggs generally take longer to hatch than tropical ones, days, perhaps shorter in hot weather, so destroying them within a day or two of being laid means they are just fluid with no embryo in. Loamy soil is recommended as it contains enough organic matter with good retentive capacity.


Others self-fertilise, at least some of the time; in some, parts of the male reproductive system may be lost. It has both the female and male sexual organs; so one cannot really distinguish between the male and female specie of it.

The chemical composition of mulberry Leaves has been studied by many authors.

Soil is a medium for reproduction of snails good management practice involves selection and mixture of soil. Conducted on a pier, dry dock or dismantling yard, it involves a wide range of activities.

A longer stretch along the seashore is in no way justified for continuation of this business; rather a certain separate zone like a dockyard should be selected by the competent authority.Snails can be found in a very wide range of environments, including ditches, deserts, and the abyssal depths of the sea.

Although many people are familiar with terrestrial snails, they are in the minority. Marine snails constitute the majority of snail species, and have much greater diversity and a greater biomass. habituation of snails to harmless stimulus.

Problems and Prospects of Ship Breaking Industries of Bangladesh

To develop problem solving and experimental skills, for example, information is accurately processed and presented, experimental procedures are planned, designed and evaluated properly, producing valid results, recording results, and valid conclusion is drawn.

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Snails like other animals need the basic nutrients (energy, protein, fats, amino-acid, vitamins and mineral for optimum functioning of metabolic chemical reactions involved in growth maintenance, shell formation, production and reproduction (Imevbore and Ademosun, ).

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Prospects and Problems of Snails Production in Nigeria

Order Now. The area is severely degraded with loss of its physical, chemical & biological characteristics. Prospects and Problems of Snails Production. Snail is an important source of protein, snail also plays an important role in folk medicine irrespective of snail considerable high potentials, local snails production has failed to meet the country demand is for higher than the supply (kehinde ).

popular, snails are gathered from the forest. However, wild snail population is declining rapidly due to indiscriminate hunting of snails factors affecting snail production, problems encountered in snail farming, possible solutions for the problem and likely areas of improvement in.

Prospects and problems of snails production
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