Reflective journal on diversity

In this essay, I will be reflecting on the experiences that I had as part of the larger group of 10 students, as well as how I found the process of dividing into smaller sub-groups of four people for part of the activities.

In my opinion I found it immoral to hide such a dangerous factor in his life especially learning that he had young children, however, by critically analysing this information it is important to question if drug misuse harms just the drug user or could they have a negative and possibly dangerous effect on others too?

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This time she was explaining how John has had recurrent admissions to the ward with deep vein thrombosis, described him as awkward and questioned why the Trust allows such people to take up beds.

As the group work progressed, I also began to realise that I was, in fact, more than capable of fulfilling my part in this mixed group and this gradual self-confidence enabled me to overcome the feelings of intimidation that being on unfamiliar territory had initially elicited within me.

How to Value Difference. This involved quick thinking and good use of self awareness. Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: On reflection, I took the risk of advocating on behalf of John, even though I knew I might have been in conflict with the trained nurse.

At the time, I doubted myself and thought I had bombarded John with such personal questions, and found myself to be quite uncaring with consideration to such a sensitive issue.

Heroin is a narcotic which is produced from morphine, a compound which comes from the opium poppy Alderson and Rowland This is a perfect way to fully understand the process by which you learn and also to help you work with your tutor to enhance your learning.

When relating my intervention to Heronmy behaviour was confronting, although, in a caring context.

Decision making My experience of working in my group was that we developed a good decision-making process which we were able to use to come to a mutually-agreed conclusion on the majority of topics that we discussed.

Working in a multi-professional group allowed us to benefit from a number of different perspectives on the task as well as a wide variety of knowledge and experience.

The term deviance is used to describe differences from accepted standards within society and is closely associated with the labelling theory which focuses on the reaction of other people and the subsequent effects of those reactions which create deviance Williams et al Our smaller sub-group decided to have meetings at the university during the week in addition to this means of contact.

As Heron describes a facilitative approach, I discovered I was being cathartic by trying to encourage John to release tension. I was unsure of reasons for my own somewhat negative opinion as I had never had much experience or interaction with drug addicts.

Management of power and conflict Conflict naturally occurs in most group tasks as a consequence of group members having different values, skills and experience. Feelings Although I was relatively quiet at the start of the session, I became more comfortable as time went on and, by the end of the session, I had begun to contribute my views and ideas to the group discussion.

I usually experience myself as a very confident person who finds it easy to take charge of situations and engage with activities in a proactive way.

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The work progressed in this way for most of the week until, on the last day, the groups joined together for one key session in the afternoon. Subsequently, this will show how I will endeavour to value diversity as a healthcare provider.

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The title of Resource Investigator also applies to me as I used these social networks as one of a variety of means to search for useful contacts.A reflective journal is a tool that students are encouraged to use to help them understand not just what they have learned while studying but also how they learned it by reflecting on the learning experience itself.

A reflective account of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice which relates to a client from clinical placement This is a reflective essay which will give an account of the concept of valuing diversity and one aspect of.

Journal Reflection - Multiculturalism The world in which we live today is undeniably as multicultural integral part of the diversity movement.

Reflective Journal

Reflective and Reflective Practices for All Students. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill Prentice Hall, Diversity and difference There was a diverse range of people in the larger group of which I was a part; both males and females, undergraduates and postgraduates of varying ages, and also many different personality characteristics including introverts, extroverts, those who were better at coming up with ideas and those who were better at the.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity are dealt with over the next few pages. These form an intergral part of your teaching practice and are required elements making up. Diversity. Reflection Journal. Before reading the chapter, think about each question and reflect on your experiences.

Respond to the questions based on knowledge, feelings, and experiences you’ve had.

Reflective journal on diversity
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