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A Mountie, the ideal accomplice of naturally refined flavours crackling apple must — no alcohol Take the time to enjoy this drink made of a variety of fresh apples slowly pressed in order to capture all the flavours and aroma. Though she was one of the earliest female landscape painters working in the United States, little is known of her life, and very few of her works have survived or can be located today.


Take the time to enjoy this semi-dry cider made with fresh apples from carefully selected cultivars, slowly pressed to capture all the aromas and flavours. The majority of her exhibited paintings are now lost. Heirloom apple trees grown on those lands allowed the creation of unique varieties of fruit, well suited to make great European-style hard ciders.

A Jockey, the ideal accomplice of naturally frisky flavours. Contact About us Ciderie Sarah Cole owe the authenticity of its products to the passion of its founders, but also its history.

Sarah Cole

At Sarah Cole, we want to offer ciders that are well balanced, neither too sweet nor too dry, to enjoy with family and friends. Jump to navigation Jump to search Sarah Cole was an American landscape painter and the sister of prominent American landscape painter Thomas Cole.

The paintings are A View of the Catskill Mountain House, a scene of the titular white house on a hill covered with fall foliage and a small seated figure on the ground looking up at it, [6] and Mount Aetna, a view of the mountain in the background with a landscape and people praying to a shrine of an icon.

She was trained in etching by the painter and engraver Asher B. Early life[ edit ] Though Cole spent most of her life in America, she was born in Lancashire, England.

The fruit is then pressed slowly, ensuring a refreshing cider and balanced flavours. She exhibited her paintings publicly only after the death of Thomas in Februarymost likely to help support herself financially.

Her parents, James and Mary Cole, had six other children aside from her and Thomas, all daughters. Not too dry, not too sweet, savour this cider when the timecomes to enjoy life and let go of the reins.

A crackling and refreshing apple must, enjoyed by all. In this area, the Champlain sea, retreating after the last glacial age, left us with amazing mineral rich soil. The apples we use are hand-picked, carefully selected and maintained at ideal temperatures, thus preserving the freshness, aroma and taste.

The next year, they moved to New York Citywhere Sarah likely lived for the rest of her life, often visiting Catskill where she would join Thomas on hikes in the Catskill Mountains. It pictures a person with some animals on a green field in front of ancient ruins. Take the time to enjoy this drink made of a variety of fresh apples slowly pressed in order to capture all the flavours and aroma.

All of the other exhibitors in that show were living artists. Sarah also occasionally visited family and friends in Baltimore.Sarah Cole.

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Sarah Cole, 35, owner of Tickle Pickle at Hamilton Ave., was hit by a. Sarah, An American Pioneer: The Circumstantial and Documented Evidence of the Courageous Life of Sarah Wells Bull Dec 7, by Julie Boyd Cole and Sarah Brownell. Sarah R. Cole, On Babies and Bathwater: The Arbitration Fairness Act and the Supreme Court’s Recent Arbitration Jurisprudence, 48 Hous.

L. Rev. () Sarah R. Cole, Let the Grand Experiment Begin: Pyett Authorizes Arbitration of Unionized Employees’ Statutory Discrimination Claims, 14 Lewis and Clark Law Review ().

Sarah cole
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