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Enterprise Systems Mission critical enterprise systems like My. These Data Seneca college business plan house the production and development environments for most of the major enterprise systems including i3 systems such as Student, HR and Finance and other systems such as My. Many large enterprise customers consider Amazon as replacement to their data centers.

The intention of adopting a cloud strategy is not to achieve headcount reduction or achieve significant cost savings.

ITS Cloud Strategy

The objective of this document is to provide strategic direction on how Seneca can take advantage of cloud computing. This document covers the ITS cloud strategy for both acquiring new services and moving existing services to cloud.

Typically, these systems are ideal candidates to be hosted as Software as a Service SaaS or for Managed hosting. We are constantly searching for opportunities to enhance your experience with us at Seneca College.

These services are generic and may be moved to either Solution based or Platform service cloud providers. Solution based cloud providers generally specialize in Software as a Service SaaS.

Since cloud services are provided by vendors at various levels, depending on the solution, ITS will follow the hosting preference in order for new solutions as follows.

In broad terms, cloud vendors can be categorized into two buckets as Solution based cloud providers and Platform service providers.

In the past one year, the maturity and adoption rate of cloud computing has significant momentum increased and has reached infection point. Leveraging cloud technology will allow ITS to improve on its service level to stakeholders by overcoming challenges like technology obsolesce, high maintenance, capacity management, availability and infrastructure issues beyond its control.

Enterprise systems are typical candidates to be hosted with a solution based cloud provider. Background The Information Technology landscape is ever changing with new technologies being utilized in new ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Platform service cloud providers are good candidates for moving our Servers and Storage. Microsoft is the leading cloud vendor for hosting OfficeEmail and SharePoint.

Drivers for adopting Cloud The focus will be on risk mitigation and improving ITS service delivery without significantly increasing total cost of ownership. Of all the services, Enterprise systems will undergo most scrutiny. ITS Services can be broadly classified into 4 types as below.

Graduate Certificate - International Business Management (IBS) - Newnham Campus

Traditionally, ITS has been the manager or provider for all of the above business requirements. Clear business benefits need to be established before moving these services to the cloud.

Similarly, Oracle specializes in hosting PeopleSoft and other Oracle specific products.

Seneca College Newnham Campus Master Plan

Seneca, and other smaller web applications. At the same time, not every service from our data center requires to be moved to the cloud. Seneca, Email, ERP, etc. Solution based cloud providers who specialize in providing cloud services for their proprietary products.

Customer Support Framework Information Technology Services strives to provide you with the best possible technology and support services. You can view the opportunities that we plan to pursue during the Cloud Strategy for Graduate Certificate - International Business Management (IBS) - Newnham Campus - Seneca College Graduate Certificate - International Business Management (IBS) - Newnham Campus Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Seneca ff19 Business Plan A Great Place to Learn 3 Our Values Seneca’s values start with centring all aspects of our operations, inside and outside the. Skype for Business is an integrated communication application that lets you connect with co-workers or business partners at Seneca College or to anyone around the world.

Information Technology Services

You can transform communications into a more collaborative conversation with IM. within the Business Plan the College recognizes that equally as important as planning is a bias for action and selective risk-taking, as well as adaptability and agility in responding to change.

Seneca believes that this Business Plan. Seneca Business. likes. Seneca Business prepares you for the constant change that success requires.

Take command of your future and excel in any 5/5(1). Dec 04,  · For those who may not be familiar with the International Business Certificate Program, in one academic year it offers an intensive study of international business and trade.

The program provides Seneca .

Seneca college business plan
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