Should smoking be banned in public places persuasive essay

This is good because this mentality will condition smokers to perhaps give up smoking, a good deterrent for sure because the same social and peer pressure that may have encouraged them to begin smoking has gone the other way. In conclusion, public smoking is a danger to smokers, as well as non-smokers and should be banned entirely.

The reason is that some people may argue that smoking in public places has no negative effects that warrant its ban, while others may argue out that smoking in public places is so bad and dangerous that governments should ban it completely in towns. Due to the health problems associated with smoking cigarettes, due to smoking being a fire hazard and offensive to non-smokers, smoking in public places should never go under the radar.

It will be the thing that those people do; they will have to hide it. People are exposed to smoke in many places so the risks of diseases related to smoking are increasing even in non-smokers.

Governments raise enormous amounts of tax on cigarette sales, hundreds of thousands of people work in the cigarette industry directly and millions indirectly.

These roots are primarily based in health concerns.


In any argumentative essay, the writer should be able to show the contradicting views of people. In order to prepare an argumentative essay on smoking in public places, the writer must consider several factors: Second hand smoke is a risk to everyone and public smoking allows it to reach all types of people.

Should Smoking be Banned? *argumentative essay , feedback*

Another examplethey have to avoid certain places. Banning public smoking benefits everyone, including the smoker. Monday, March 5, Persuasive Essay: Knowing about the dangers of public smoking can result in healthier people and a brighter future for everyone.

Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned

For exampleair pollution is one of the causes that would definitely affect the environment. Each day more than people under 18 try their first cigarette Fast Facts. What are needed are the clear roots of the argument to be exposed and debated.

Everyone knows that second-hand smoke is just as, if not more, dangerous than directly inhaling the smoke. Smoking Is Not Fashionable Anymore! Of thosebegin smoking cigarettes on a daily basis Fast Facts. Such aspublic places like markets and streets. Reply Fri 31 Oct, This would cut down immensely on building fires.

For instancewhen a person smokes full bucket in one dayhe or she would definitely suffers from health issues such as unusual coughingdifficulty in swallowing. SoPeople should be aware of the outcomes. Voices for and against this position must be clearly presented.

Generalizations of the laws and their background will not be strong enough. In a survey, it was reported that about 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit, and they believe that a smoke-free environment will help them A few facts. How about banning smoking anywhere a fire could start, any place that could endanger others?

This versus the cost to the economy of smoking related diseases will add an interesting dimension to the argument. In addition to smoking raising health concerns, banning public smoking altogether, including indoors, would surely cut down on fires — both in buildings and possibly in nature, as well.

For examplewhen a person works in long shift hourssmoking a cigarette could be the only way out through out the day.

SoSmokers will force people to be indoors instead of outdoors. In addition, children exposed to second hand smoke have an increased risk of colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma Secondhand Smoke. Second hand smoke can cause many serious illnesses and diseases.

This should apply to those vaporized smoking apparatuses, too. After thatIt will put them in difficult positions. Some people are addicted to smoking, and they cannot be isolated from non-smokers. The writer should not present just the legislation, or desired future legislation. They are said to be a healthier alternative to smoking filter tobacco products, but they are just offensive to be around.

One of them is could be fast like lung cancer and the other type could be slow that will show up after twenty years or more. It is emotive, and controversial.Equally, they argue that the right of smokers to choose what they consume will be compromised by a ban and that public warnings as to the dangers of smoking should suffice.

Some argue that guns, alcohol and exhaust from car engines and industrial pollutants are equally as damaging to human health as cigarettes and should also be. Apr 07,  · Smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes in public places should be banned because it’s offensive to the non-smokers who have to endure the smoke, the butts, the mess and the smell.

Consider the typical public place – a market door entrance, a park bench, an mint-body.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Essay on Nationwide Smoking Ban: Smoking Should be Banned in All Public Places - The effects of second-hand smoke have been well-known for decades; in fact, the Surgeon General warned the public about its dangers in (Schick & Glantz, ).

By putting forth a ban of smoking in public places the government promotes a healthier lifestyle for everybody and it protects every citizen from many diseases and health risks such as cancer and other deadly diseases.

Besides that, the ban will eliminate the bad example set fort by people smoking in the public. Mar 05,  · Smoking should be banned in public because people are exposed to hazardous smoke in many places, a ban can lead to prevention and quitting of smoking and second hand smoke can cause many illnesses and Writing About Everything.

Smoking Ban Essay. Smoking should be banned from public places. Studies show that smoking can lead to cancer. Not only does this put the smoker’s life at risk, it also affects the lives of non-smokers, including pregnant women.

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Should smoking be banned in public places persuasive essay
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