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Pizza Hut removed artificial flavors and colors from its core pizza line in and eliminated BHA and BHT additives from its meats this year. Earlier versions of the rules, which counted a whole pizza as a single serving, alarmed the pizza industry. Photo courtesy Mod Pizza.

Smaller chains and single units will be exempt from the new rules, but should they offer nutritional data anyway? Does that still sound like too much work? Its grilled chicken toppings and chicken poppers now come from poultry raised without human or animal antibiotics and fed a vegetarian diet.

This new, broader category has yielded substantially bigger numbers for overall pizza industry sales—plus a couple thousand additional stores—for the year ending September 30,compared to the previous year. Independents opened 3, stores and closed 3, stores, for a net loss of only 42 units.

Independent operators who continue to underestimate the power of quick and easy ordering—paired with the enticement of flashy new menu items with bolder flavors—do so at their own peril. To arrive at our estimate of overall industry sales growth from last year, we looked at a couple of different sources—Technomic and Euromonitor International.

All in all, these are encouraging numbers. The fast-casual Blaze Pizza chain emerged as the No. The chains are also quick to experiment with new styles, unique toppings and trending flavor profiles.

The pizza industry, in fact, forged ahead in the past year, even though independents, bound to decades of proud tradition and slow to adopt new technologies, continued to lag behind the chains in market share.

Talk to your POS company about the options available to you. Round pizzas yield roughly uniform slices—each with about the same amount of crust, sauce and toppings—making it easier to come up with a single calorie count per slice.

A total of 5, new pizzerias opened their doors in the past year, while 6, closed down. Online ordering will likely overtake phone orders by the end of the decade, and it fits hand-in-glove with delivery service.

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I think that information needs to be made available to the consumer. To boost your lunch business, offer lighter, personal-size pizzas or create a brunch pizza for the weekend crowd, Technomic recommends. Mission To empower consumers, especially parents, with guidance that allows them to make informed decisions about the age-appropriateness and suitability of video games and apps while holding the video game industry accountable for responsible marketing practices.

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A survey by Technomic, On Demand Delivery: Greg Creed of Yum! Top 50 Chains Show Gains Click to view larger file. Atrocities, natural disasters, the Syrian refugee crisis and the nastiest presidential election in recent memory left us all crying out for comfort—and pizza, as always, was there for us, dripping gooey, melty cheese and salty, savory goodness over our woes and worries.

How about cactus or grasshoppers? He says pizzerias can save money on drivers and related expenses, but they risk losing that State of mobile industry personal connection with their customers. It even pulled the MSG from its ranch dressing.

But nonround pies may yield slices in various sizes and inside pieces with no corners, and deriving a single calorie count for those pieces would have been much more difficult.

The Fast-Casual Phenomenon If all that digital wizardry makes you want to write an angry letter to the editor on your Smith-Corona typewriter, just remember that millennials—a segment of young consumers now aged about 19 to 34—use these technologies to buy more pizza.

Photo courtesy Blaze Pizza. In fact, parents today tend to place equal importance on guidance about interactive elements as they do about the specific content in a game.

But the rules presented one last hurdle for the pizza industry, specifically for pizzerias that serve party-style or square-cut pies.

Weird, Wild and Localized Speaking of flashy new menu items, would you like a little kangaroo meat on your thin-crust?

As ordering online gets easier, experts say delivery will become a must-have for many restaurants—and not just pizzerias. Pizza Hut Middle East has rolled out pizzas with cheeseburger sliders embedded in the crust and cone-shaped removable crusts stuffed with cream cheese.

According to CHD Expert, there were 76, pizza restaurants in operation as of the end of September All in all, the signs point to modest growth in the segment, with fast-casual chains leading the charge and online ordering technology and third-party delivery options fueling the engine.

That means more requests for delivery, but many pizzerias already struggle to keep up with demand, which is why third-party providers—such as UberEats, Eat24, DoorDash and Caviar—have emerged as new power players.

After some pushback, revised guidelines allowed most pizzerias to list calories and related info by the slice as long as they state how many slices each whole pizza contains and to list a range of calories for build-your-own pies with various possible combinations of toppings.

The result is a rating system that is widely adopted by game publishers, supported by retailers, and which is consistently described by parents and opinion leaders as the best entertainment rating system in the US. More nutritional data—covering total fat, trans fat, saturated fat and carbs, to name a few—must be disclosed in writing upon customer request.Serving over 18, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, SHSU's Carnegie classification places it in the top 7% of U.S.

higher education institutions. Located in Huntsville, Texas. Address: Avenue J, Huntsville, TX Phone: () Awards.

Igniting Innovation Showcase and Awards by ACT-IAC Montana Business Navigator; StateScoop 50 Award (SCOOP) Montana Business Navigator NASCIO State CIOs Make a Difference Campaign Featured the Montana Business Navigator; Best of the Web Montana Safety Assessment Management Helping People Protect Kids; Best of the Web.

Public Comment. Administrative Rules. Utah administrative rules published in the Utah State Bulletin and open for public comment. Transportation Planning. Welcome to the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Website.

The Department, through its various divisions and programs, promotes New York agriculture and its high-quality and diverse products, fosters agricultural environmental stewardship, and safeguards the State’s food supply, land and livestock to ensure the viability and growth of New York’s agriculture industries.

VISITING MICHIGAN. Sep 08 Mitchell State Park - Hunting Whitetails Naturally. Students will learn the “A to Z” of trail hunting, from scouting to stand placement. Guest speakers will be a Michigan conservation officer, a wildlife biologist and industry experts.

Chicken: Little Bird, Big Business. The old saying warns us not to count chickens, but for the FMCG industry, measuring chicken sales is essential to the bottom line.

State of mobile industry
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