Why can i write a happy poem

How could one, not having access to the vantage point of posterity? Two Works on Poetry for Readers and Writers. To save the world would be to stop it, to fix it in place and time, to drain it of what makes it world: Among others, Karen Volkman demonstrates the continuing vitality of the sonnet as a field of exploration and experimentation.

Thus I prefer words like distinctive, different, or unique to a word like new, with all its connotations of novelty and fashion, of doing the not-yet-done for its own sake.

I would also like my work to be more than just an accumulation of good poems, difficult as even a single good poem is to achieve. If one is sufficiently lucky and open to possibility, they can be found, they will happen, in the villanelle as well as in the most self-consciously avant-garde poem.

My poems were an attempt to speak to her, to get her to speak back to me, and above all to redeem her suffering: Passion is not just a passion for my lover or for botany or for history, but a passion for words, a passionate struggle to try to create verbal experience that would be as real as the rest of the world.

Part of this derives from my sense of my own insignificance in the universe. A true poetic experience is worth more than a thousand oppositional critiques, most of which tend to be rather predictable in any case.

The moment is defined by its transience; to fix it is to kill it. Of course, that presumes both an intelligence to be resisted and an intelligence that resists. Attend to the senses and sense will often attend to itself.

This is the inescapable aporia of art, that its creation is a form of destruction.

Why I Write

I sometimes have little sense of myself as existing in the world in any significant way outside of my poetry. Critic Vernon Shetley describes the contemporary American poetry world "where each poet seems compelled to enhance his or her brand recognition with an easily recognizable gimmick" Used by permission of the estate of Reginald Shepherd.

A self-consciously avant-garde poem can be as rote as the most bland pseudo-autobiographical anecdote, if its writing is not approached in a true spirit of adventuring into possibility.

This is a fault shared by too much of the contemporary American poetic avant-garde: This has proven to be an impediment to my poetic reputation: I seek to save the sensuous appearances, the particulate worldness of the world. Library of America, Though poet Donald Morrill, on a panel we were both on about difficulty in poetry, reminded me that not all surprises are good.

Collected Poetry and Prose.Maybe they can't explain 'why they write it' any better than I, but they understand the love for writing poetry. A poet writes poetry because they love it. It’s a challenge not everyone can do.

Happy The Man - Poem by John Dryden

While I know writing poetry isn’t a disease, it is an addiction --and with no twelve-step program for recovery. Why Write a Poem; FAQ; 7 Tips for Writing a Short Poem. Short poems can convey intimate moments with simple, specific, compelling words.

Happy Poems | Examples of Happy Poetry

They carry growing momentum from start to finish. A short poem differs from a long one in that poets may spend more time on word choice and clarity.

Given this meticulous undertaking, writing a short. Why Should You Write a Poem? Need a few good reasons to write a poem? Putting words on paper can help you make sense of the world around you, express your deepest emotions, and give you a healthy way cope with whatever is on your mind.

Feb 13,  · When I first started writing it was my way of coping with problems. So when i started writing a poem, it kind of let out all anger and depression and took a little of it away for a while, resulting in a depressing poem before me.

This might be the case with you, Lol only you can know that.

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I don't think you should try too hard to write a "happy" poem. Poems about happy. You can read the best happy poems.

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how come i can only write sad poems?

Sep 06,  · A poem can be about anything, from love to loss to the rusty gate at the old farm. Writing poetry can seem daunting, especially if you do not feel you are naturally creative or bursting with poetic ideas. With the right inspiration and approach, you can write a poem that you can be proud to share with others in class or with your friends%().

Why can i write a happy poem
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